Dating game thin skin

Like most thin skinned narcissists Molly brought the distinct features of her narcissistic wound to bear on her day-to-day life: Establishing a relationship with a therapist where Molly can learn to build trust and feel adored and wanted is the way forward. She needs a good solid reliable template that gives her what was missing in her early life – to heal the wound, and then she will be able to relate to others without envy, rage or entitlement. The shame can be lethal, so thin skin narcissists defend against it – use the survival mechanism of blaming others – they shift the bad feelings to those that triggered the shame, in an effort to return to their previous state of feeling righteous.Molly a thirty-seven year old Gastroenterologist loved her work, but was tense around colleagues in the staff lounge.Molly considered herself a victim of the situation with her hands tied.She had no power to fire them or bring them to heel.She felt entitled to have what was her right in every relationship and situation – complete and total focus on her needs being met because it was the ‘right’ and proper thing to do.Molly ignored text messages, calls and or emails from friends, neighbors, and boyfriends who let her down.

A thin skin narcissist like Molly fumed under her breath, she was cold and rude to everyone around her, including neighbors who agreed to water her plants when she was away at a conference but drowned them instead.She responded with one or two word answers at work as necessary and avoided doing anything that would oil the wheels with neighbors, boyfriend or friends when they unintentionally hurt her.Her wounds were deep and throbbing with constant pain – a reminder that she was not important, sought after or valuable to anyone around her.Molly felt slighted when her needs were not anticipated by nurses and administrative staff, as if they were disrespecting her personally.

Molly experienced her aides as not taking care of her as they should; not caring about her fatigue; her need for charts to be up to date and for all pre-exams to be done before she consulted with a patient or went in to perform surgery.

Sometimes he would want Molly’s company and make her feel special, but when he stopped it felt like a desertion – she had to survive in the cold world of her aloof and mechanical mother.


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