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And that act of flouting our own instincts will make us less able to follow them down the road when the real Mrs. So , my fellow men, and get the hell out of the relationships you truly don’t believe you can finish.You’re not doing your partner any favors, and you’re probably interfering with your own future chances at romance, too. So when it comes to relationships, gentlemen: no stealing allowed.


(Unfortunately.) Your willingness to walk might be the only thing that makes him realize what he’s about to lose.But I think part of being a “good man” (actually, just being an adult) is to act in union with your inner beliefs.If you truly don’t think you’re aligned with your partner, you have an obligation to act on that feeling.There are lots of ways men mistreat women, as is frequently discussed in various sites like The Good Men Project.

The more obvious kinds—like psychological or physical abuse, or the emotional manipulation discussed in Yashar Ali’s insightful Why Women Aren’t Crazy—get a fair bit of attention, and deservedly so.

While it’s unethical for either partner (regardless of gender) in any relationship to waste the other’s time by not being fully committed, or honest about their intentions, it seems a particularly worse crime when perpetrated against women (if she wants to have kids and be married some day), since time is a resource they simply have less of than men. I see too many women who’ve lost crucial child-bearing years to a guy who spent years in emotional limbo and then hit the road. It’s a lot easier to postpone it and avoid the hardship it inevitably brings.



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