Famous dating service marketing slogan

Tomoyuki Akiyama, a multilingual communications professional based in Tokyo, noticed that “Cheesy chips” was poorly translated as “Low quality chips” and “Crunchwrap Supreme–beef” became “Supreme Court Beef”.


When Mc Donald's first brought its signature Big Mac to France, it was translated to "Gros Mec”, which in French reads as "Big Pimp".“The future’s bright, the future’s Orange” is a well-known and memorable slogan that is recognisable across the world.However, upon the campaign’s launch in 1994, the telecommunications company caused uproar in the Irish Catholic population as the word ‘Orange’ evokes the Orange Order, a heavily Protestant organisation in Northern Ireland.Slogans can be highly effective for advertisers; if they can create one that sticks, they can craft a lasting image of the organization that will exist maybe even years after a product has left shelves.

For a marketer or advertising agency, it’s important that your team has come to a collective understanding about what your message needs to be.

So to show you just how badly things can go wrong, we’ve collated 11 examples – some old, some new - of brand slogans and names that got spectacularly lost in translation.



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