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The settlement was established in lands of Yevdokim Shydlovsky who received them upon destruction of the Zaporizhian Sich in 1775.


Also, we made this "Kiss me, I'm a prog prince" picture back in 2009.Leeann Tweeden says that after he forced his wet kiss on her it was so bad, she thought of him as "fish lips" afterwards.But those were, in fact, "prog lips." And here we have a clarification from Comrade Sovremennyy: Comrades, I have in my possession the true, 100% legit, undoctored photograph of Al Franken that has recently been circulating thanks to one of my "contacts" behind a certain Minneapolis Denny's, a fact which is unimportant and you shouldn't explore any further.), and then from 1940 to 1978 the city was again known as Kadievka or Kadiyivka.


From 1978 to 2016 the city was named after the famous Soviet miner Alexey Stakhanov, who started his career there.

It clearly shows that all allegations of groping are true, but the target of the groping is no journalist.


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