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They were a little more rowdy than I was, but I was basically all right with that.I’m not really a party animal, but this was the only way I’d get to hang out with these particular people.I had to keep myself from my body’s automatic reflex which was to turn and shove.


How is it–in any way–ok just because the person doing it is cute? I would say that someone unknown to me touching me in a way that I didn’t consent to is getting pretty close to assault. It’s just a convention, it’s just a festival, it’s just Pagans… I don’t really drink, but, I wanted to spend time with my friends.

It doesn’t matter if you know me…if you come running at me from behind and touch me, and I don’t know who you are, some of us find that to be really threatening or at least unnerving.


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    We definitely get stared at especially by older people.

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