Who is jade puget dating

’s Chris Kies hung with guitarist Jade Puget and bassist Hunter Burgan (above right) before the band’s recent Nashville gig at War Memorial Auditorium.

Jade explains why he goes with Gibson Les Paul Studios while Hunter describes his need for big-and-bulky tube heads in a world of on-the-go mini bass heads.

It’s possibly the only band I can think of that not only attacks the listener, but challenges them directly on their lifestyle choices.


Davy Havok and Jade Puget have touched every musical genre available to them, from punk rock, to metal, to electronica and arguably pop punk. It’s an album that will make the listener as uncomfortable listening as they are bobbing their heads.It’s called the party bass, because as Hunter explains, this is the lowest tuning they’ve ever played and it was put in place so lead singer Davy Havok could nail the older material. In anticipation of their "embarrassingly dark" new album, singer Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget swung by Fuse to discuss drag queen names and other personal secrets in a new Intimate Interview.Either way, the prospects of more than one project from a group of artists known to taking their time is something in and of itself to be excited for.

Three seconds after the song “Conformist” ended, my friend in the backseat felt the immediate need to defend himself. Inhale, hold it in / Let the deterioration begin” hit him hard as he held an e-cigarette.

As the band’s lone guitarist, Jade has two duties: fill a large sonic space and run wild during the band’s shows.



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