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Edgar's unexpected death at the age of thirty-two throws the kingdom into turmoil. Edward is a teenager when he gains the throne, and soon proves himself to be violent, unstable and quick-tempered.Retainers of Queen lfthryth murder Edward (although this is never conclusively proven, and no one is ever brought to justice).Officials behind the new system claim to have dealt with more than 100 cases since last summer, including six involving domestic violence which is a criminal rather than civil offence, and said they hoped to take over growing numbers of 'smaller' criminal cases in future.Women are likely to suffer more if sharia law, which does treat women equally to men, becomes an accepted legal avenue The revelations sparked uproar yesterday, with warnings that the fundamental principle of equal treatment for all - the bedrock of British justice - was being gravely undermined.But as well as civil disputes they have also handled six cases of domestic violence.In all six cases, he said, sharia judges ordered husbands to take anger management classes and mentoring from community elders, but issued no further punishment.Following a battle at Gloucester in which Edwy is defeated, the two agree to divide and rule to save the country from a costly civil war.



Inayat Bunglawala of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: 'We support these tribunals.

But critics fear Muslim women victims will be pressured into accepting a sharia court settlement, and husbands will escape with lighter punishments than in a mainstream criminal court.

In one recent inheritance dispute in Nuneaton, a Muslim man's estate was spit was between three daughters and two sons with each son receiving twice as much as each daughter - in keeping with sharia law.

thelstan may not have directly ruled all of England, but he was the recognised overlord of almost all of England, Scotland and Wales.

This ascendancy remained with subsequent kings, although the Scandinavian kingdom of York proved to be a continual source of distraction until it fell to King Eadred in 954, who now ruled a definitively united kingdom.

His reign sees a major change as local government is reorganised on the basis of shires.


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