Truth about dating in college horny dating online


He or she does not wish to continue seeing you, and the possibility for that relationship is now gone.

Which sucks, but it doesn't MEAN anything (remember that nasty "meaning" trick we're all so good at? If this guy doesn't fall-down adore you, it MEANS NOTHING about your status as a worthy and valuable human being.

The important part is facing that this pain is a possibility, and making yourself hear what is so.

Not what you want to be so, not what romantic comedies say will be so, but what is actually so.

2) Chances are, you don't really know what you want. But whether this happens to you is a choice -- specifically, it's a choice right now to make one thing a priority over another.

All the frustration that accompanies not meeting the beloved of your dreams can be exhausting. In other words: figure out exactly what you want right now. Do you want it badly enough to do the work discussed in Truth #1? What's so great about being married that makes it worth your time and energy?

So why not at least try for what you really want, inner voices be damned??


Stay late and work weekends, and you'll get the promotion.

Here's the thing: That godawful voice in your head is basically a life-destroyer.


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