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Dorothy Thompson’s pals hear that she got gay in Rome and said several indiscreet things about Mr. Her New York paper is supposed to have been cabled to withdraw her . It is itemed here now to let them all know that all concerned are hep. Martha Sleeper, the actress (and jewelry designer) got a very quiet explosion from Hardle Albright, the playwright actor, in Miami Beach on April 22. How untrue is that buzz about Warden Lawes being on the verge of resigning from his Sing Sing job? Buckner) will have her little Big Event in Mexico . Raymond Rubicam will marry the Marquis Pescara of Italy in June . Unless her children talk her out of it, the ex-Mrs. A big shakeup is going on at one of the biggest music firms over a missing 40Gs. Sheen (who converted Heywood Broun) was giving her instructions . Talented Ass’t Att’y Gen’l Thurman Arnold’s anti-trust busters won 1,058 indictments in the building probes alone! The Court of Appeals decision on the Hines conviction may be stalled until after the Repub convention .



When Alex Woollcott had his heart attack the other matinee day, the producer is reported to have dismissed the coast “Man Who Came to Dinner” troupe with one day’s notice. The cast, however, is going to fight it out before Equity—claiming that Woollcott’s stroke was not an act of God, but that he deliberately brought it on himself “by drinking 40 cups of coffee daily!

Vernon Duke, the composer, was appendicitis’d at St.

The New Yorker and Janet Flanner (their Paris reporter) are having a mild feud over whether she or the mag should pay for the bike she is taking back to Paris because she can’t get gas for her car there .

Father Sheen will be in charge of The Temple of Religion at the Fair, they are saying .

It isn’t fashionable to invite the Soviet and German diplomats anymore in Washington .

Joan Banks, the radio actress, can’t get her folks to endorse her new romance with Frank Lovejoy, recently unwound from Frances Williams, the thrush. The latter, it appears, has been active in a campaign to deport Harry Bridges, the west coast labor leader, and this new World War Legion (according to gov’t operatives) is chiefly to support Bridges. He wondered if the studio would fetch him and deliver him daily.


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