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My generation saw things I believe in a better light than did our parents.

Television showed us Jim Crow and Bull Conner hatred down south and the non-violent movement of Dr.

Picketers at the mill say ADM is bringing in workers from other mills to keep the plant in operation.

Workers were offered a 7.2% increase over three years, but it was rejected.

Vietnam saw black men dying right alongside white men only to return home and be discriminated against.

Motown music made its inroads into our generation and accepted and adopted by white audiences and bands. I never thought much about it having gone to school and playing sports with black children all my life. We are integrated in our neighborhoods and although prejudice continues times are better.

The Martin station on Fourth also had a 10 gallon limit. Posey County Sheriff Bill Cox received an application for another mass gathering at Bull Island for a three day fest around Labor Day devoted to country music.It met at the Trinity United Church of Christ education building for five hours every Wednesday. Hames in his later years I had the opportunity to work with when I was on the Mt. Vernon athletics were starting a new era by moving into the new gym and high school on Canal Street. Hames, took the gray school color of Evansville Reitz where Rust had been principal and the maroon from the University of Chicago where he did graduate work as Mt. The name Wildcats came from Northwestern University where Mr. Considering Northwestern's record and ours, I sure wish that Mr. However traffic might be somewhat better, but the acute problem of parking of then would just be moved to another street.



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