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On the other hand EMS is kind enough to give us a very special offer for 1 share bought you will get 17 shares and the limit is to buy maximum 300 shares that will convert to 5100 shares total to payout of approximately 250 million dollar, wow thats great.///Previos message: "Now when we are so close to payout again I cant help thinking back a couple of years when we last were close to payout.

The Europeen Banks then came up with that they had to do the simulations which came as a total surprise for both EMS and us Investors.

It would be good if EMS would close off soon and stop coming up with lame excuses to extend the program it is time to shut the doors and execute a payout for next year most investors are running out of patience with EMS/HCI some have been in this for about 10 years.

It's only a guess on my behalf, but I'm hoping we might be done with the simulations by June 1st.

Then we head to New York City for the face to face.

We are now at 100% of simulations..banks are clear to trade in big dollars. I would love to hear a good time frame after March 7th.


Now we wait for the stress tests to be cleared..long will this take? The frustration of these delays is becoming all too frequent. I am glad to see they decided to enter the world of Crypto Currencies though.

Some have even moved on and forgotten about EMS/HCI because of the constant delays over the years anyway.



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