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“From the late 16th century to the 19th century Harar was an important trade centre between the coast and the interior highlands and a location for Islamic learning” UNESCO states.The city’s “townhouses with their exceptional interior design constitute the most spectacular part of Harar’s cultural heritage.“The ‘City of Saints’ boasts 82 mosques, as well as Ethiopia’s best beer, strongest khat (an ubiquitous narcotic plant), and highest quality coffee.” Read the list at » — Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.Menbere Aklilu of Richmond, California helped bring to the U. 23-year-old domestic violence victim Messy Negussie whose face was burned when her ex-fiancé threw acid on her.


First, sending money, and then flying 22 hours to meet the young woman she’d only heard of online. When Memby was pregnant she too was a victim of domestic violence from her then husband.“But now she realizes there’s a light.” Messy arrived from Ethiopia two months ago.She said everybody there was afraid and that the people don’t like to see her face. She and Memby are from the same village in Ethiopia.Visible scars on Messy’s face tell a painful tale from when her ex-fiancé threw acid on her.


“When I met her she was crying day and night,” said Aklilu.

Electron Kebebew will assume his new post as Chief of General Surgery at Stanford University’s Department of Surgery in Palo Alto, California.


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