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Rusticated & Bevelback Cladding is BRANZ appraised Insulated Vinyl Cladding has been cladding the worlds houses for 70yrs and is another option to New Zealanders wanting additional insulation for their home, eliminating the need for painting and maintenance while having the beautiful look of freshly painted Weatherboard.Mitten is cost-effective, no maintenance, great looking and easy to install and it looks just like traditional weatherboard.The country's economy suffered in the aftermath of the 1973 global energy crisis, the loss of New Zealand's biggest export market upon Britain's entry to the European Economic Community, and rampant inflation.In 1984, the Fourth Labour Government was elected amid a constitutional and economic crisis.

From the 1930s the economy was highly regulated and an extensive welfare state was developed.

In areas where it was possible to grow taro and kūmara, horticulture became more important.



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