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GPS fix) 7 = Number of satellites in use [not those in view] 8 = Horizontal dilution of position 9 = Antenna altitude above/below mean sea level (geoid) 10 = Meters (Antenna height unit) 11 = Geoidal separation (Diff. -=geoid is below WGS-84 ellipsoid) 12 = Meters (Units of geoidal separation) 13 = Age in seconds since last update from diff. This alternates with $GPWPL cycle which itself cycles waypoints. $GPRMA, A,llll.ll, N,lllll.ll, W,,,ss.s,ccc,vv.v, W*hh 1 = Data status 2 = Latitude 3 = N/S 4 = longitude 5 = W/E 6 = not used 7 = not used 8 = Speed over ground in knots 9 = Course over ground 10 = Variation 11 = Direction of variation E/W 12 = Checksum eg1.

$GPRMC,hhmmss.ss, A,llll.ll,a,yyyyy.yy,a,x.x,x.x,ddmmyy,x.x,a*hh 1 = UTC of position fix 2 = Data status (V=navigation receiver warning) 3 = Latitude of fix 4 = N or S 5 = Longitude of fix 6 = E or W 7 = Speed over ground in knots 8 = Track made good in degrees True 9 = UT date 10 = Magnetic variation degrees (Easterly var. Neither ASN nor the Flight Safety Foundation are responsible for the completeness or correctness of this information.If you feel this information is incomplete or incorrect, you can submit corrected information.$GPVTG,t, T,,,s.ss, N,s.ss, K*hh 1 = Track made good 2 = Fixed text 'T' indicates that track made good is relative to true north 3 = not used 4 = not used 5 = Speed over ground in knots 6 = Fixed text 'N' indicates that speed over ground in in knots 7 = Speed over ground in kilometers/hour 8 = Fixed text 'K' indicates that speed over ground is in kilometers/hour 9 = Checksum eg1.

$GPWPL,4917.16, N,12310.64, W,003*65 4917.16, N Latitude of waypoint 12310.64, W Longitude of waypoint 003 Waypoint ID When a route is active, this sentence is sent once for each waypoint in the route, in sequence.

BOD,045., T,023., M, DEST, START 045., T bearing 045 degrees True from "START" to "DEST" 023., M breaing 023 degrees Magnetic from "START" to "DEST" DEST destination waypoint ID START origin waypoint ID Example 1: $GPBOD,099.3, T,105.6, M, POINTB,*01 Waypoint ID: "POINTB" Bearing 99.3 True, 105.6 Magnetic This sentence is transmitted in the GOTO mode, without an active route on your GPS.



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