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The New Horizons Senior Glee Club is made up of an all-volunteer senior ensemble of musicians, singers and talented older adults, ages 65 and over, who share their time and determination to entertain older adults and young children.

Watch Video Elders Share the Arts is an art organization for older adults which assists them to learn, create and engage in their to provide the senior community with an afternoon of socialization, comedy, laughter and fun activity.

Seniors receive social support, companionship, connections activity, mind fitness, and overall well-being.

Seniors unfamiliar with traditional email use this user friendly program to stay connected.

An art gallery and educational art studio which promotes artistic achievement and careers for those living with physical, developmental or mental disabilities and seniors.

Watch Video An annual art festival featuring senior artists in the areas of music, literature, dance, theater performance, painting and more.

How parents model conflict also affects their children's relationships.


The Department of Defense was given until July 1 of this year to implement the policy, with LGBT advocates hopeful that transgender soldiers would finally be able to serve openly.

A number of pro-Cosby supporters turned out with colourful signs.

One, who would only give his first name as Garvey, said this was about race — a number of Cosby's accusers are black.“Democrats stand with the transgender community and we will fight this administration’s bigotry tooth-and-nail.

For example, Asian American teens tend to enter romantic relationships later than other teens; generally speaking, dating in adolescence is less accepted in Asian cultures.

If communication between parents and children is positive and supportive in early adolescence, youth are more likely to interact positively with romantic partners in late adolescence.

The decision was delayed by Trump’s Defence Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis – and the President confirmed today that he would reverse the decision put the ban back in place.


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    So get active, put your heart out there, and we wish you luck in finding the girl of your dreams!

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