Is niall horan dating demi lovato october 2016

Carter reportedly tweeted his continued affections for Duff, but she dismissed the viral comments and said she and Lohan are "fine now." The history of Disney stars dating has always been a bit complicated, but never more so than when it came to the Jonas Brothers and their high-profile hookups.

Nick Jonas' long-time friend and touring partner Demi Lovato shed a little light on his muddied history during their joint session of when she joked that he had flings with "Miley [Cyrus], then Selena [Gomez], then back with Miley, then back with Selena." Lovato's comment echoed the long-whispered gossip that Jonas had gone back and forth between both pop stars, and music video director Brett Ratner confirmed Cyrus' scathing "7 Things" was about him.

Reportedly, Jenner and Bieber were spotted cozying up to one another in Paris—the city of love, of all places, which was the straw that both the back when it came to Gomez, with whom he was living at the time.

Although Bieber would later claim his 2014 split with Gomez was due to them being too young and too wrapped up in each other—"My identity was in her, her identity was in me, when stuff would happen …

Indeed, Locke himself acknowledged that he was only "edged out" once Carter came into the picture.

Katie Holmes has kept her romantic relationship with actor Jamie Foxx on the down low for years, and many speculate that all the secrecy shrouding has a little something to do with who she was once married to: Tom Cruise.


Carter, who'd starred with Duff in her Disney show , had been dating the actress for nearly two years when he decided to ditch her for Lohan.In fact, we bet you didn't know about any of these alleged steamy situations when they were actually happening.Preteen screen queens were all the rage in the early aughts, and Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were among the biggest names of the sensational generation.Pattinson was reportedly linked to director David Cronenberg's daughter Caitlin Cronenberg during production on the film in Toronto in 2011, while he was still said to be dating Stewart.


Although the rumors of their connection were immediately denied, Pattinson was again linked to the photographer in 2014.Locke, whom she dated throughout her adolescence, has never made any bones about the fact that he regretted losing "the love of [his] life" to Shawn "Jay Z" Carter, but he reportedly had been more involved in the married couple's early life than they let on. Randy Taraborrelli revealed that even when Carter began courting Knowles back in their earliest days in 2001, she was still not completely done with Locke.


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