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Presented by Loud And Quiet's Greg Cochrane, the first episode meets The Invisible's Dave Okumu late at night.

New episodes will be posted online, fittingly, at the stroke of midnight.Trip Advisor is delighted to award Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge the 2015 Certificate of Excellence.This achievement is a direct result of your consistently great reviews from Trip Advisor travellers.Shame are the British guitar band of the moment, frontman Charlie Steen talks to Greg Cochrane about having a Top 40 debut album, mental health in the music industry and desperately needing a cigarette on a long flight. Grand Theft Auto is the greatest video game ever made. Greg Cochrane discusses these, and other, stone cold facts with Los Angeles' modern-jazz hero Thundercat.


The Californian songwriter in late night conversation.And inspired by the echo of my thoughts on a blog, a business model was created: “There aren’t many places where you can buy coffee late at night in Dublin.


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    Of course we have a larger number of scientific publications on the topic, and more are under way as we type this.

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    After including him in Aware Festival concerts and his songs on Aware compilations, in early 2001, Aware released Mayer's internet-only album titled, Room for Squares.

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    It’s like telling someone what’s in the present they’re about to unwrap. Focus on having fun, enjoy the mystery, and going from casual to serious will happen naturally.

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