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Blackmun’s dissent accused the Court of an “almost obsessive focus on homosexual activity" and an “overall refusal to consider the broad principles that have informed our treatment of privacy in specific cases”.

In response to invocations of religious taboos against homosexuality, Blackmun wrote: “That certain, but by no means all, religious groups condemn the behavior at issue gives the State no license to impose their judgments on the entire citizenry.

Hardwick was represented before the Supreme Court by Harvard Law School Professor Laurence Tribe.



He had initially voted to strike down the law but changed his mind after conservative clerk Michael W. However, that clerk has said that Powell had met his boyfriend, and that Powell had asked him about the mechanisms of homosexual sex when deciding the case.Hardwick appealed, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit reversed the lower court, finding that the Georgia sodomy statute was indeed an infringement upon Hardwick’s Constitutional rights.


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