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I'm wondering when it was is pre or post 1980?? Does anyone know anything about this guitar and why the name is burned into the front of it.Thanks Rich The name burned into your T-60 is probably NOT Chip Dale, but instead it's Chip Todd.Hartley Peavey wanted his stuff to work and to keep working forever. To see this bass in action, here’s Luke showing us how it’s done.


It’s this attention to detail that really blows my mind. yeah these things are incredible, I’m one of those guys that likes a bass to weigh an absolute ton and even these are a bit ridiculous for me. I think Peavey stuff is really under-rated thanks to the association 5150′s have gotten with terrible metalcore. I did have a classic 50 head, but was broke and sold it to a buddy when i moved from Canberra to Melbourne…. If you ever see a Peavey Patriot from the 80′s…it is a kinda homely little guitar (mine has a lovely poop brown finish) but has these big old humbucker-sized blade pickups, “Super Ferrite” I believe they’re called–I guess they’re single coils?

I'm wondering when it was is pre or post 1980?? I'm wondering when it was is pre or post 1980?? My serial number starts with 011 there must have been plenty sold. Very solidly built, serial no 00345831, and in good condition. apparently he had no idea he had a vintage instrument.

I've already contacted Peavey customer service, and will post details if there is a 'formula' to the serial no order. : : I pulled my old Peavey T-60 out of the basement..never played it much.

For example, the bridge is a totally unique Peavey design (no Fender bent metal bridge here) that is basically a massive lump of steel that’s been gloriously carved/cast/polished to fit in the most massive saddles I’ve seen. the first time i played it i got immediate respect for peavey.

They may look like Fender saddles, but these things are huge. Also, there’s the body which has an ash body that a Fender P-Bass owner would kill to have on their bass. yet you’re completely right i saying that thing is complete beast as far as weight goes. I found mine for 0, apparently nobody wants them. But I think maybe the tide has turned, and with a Buy It Now price of US 9.99 this bass is priced a little higher than most I’ve seen over the past few years, and to be honest it’s a much more realistic price for an instrument of this quality.


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