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In the town-wide referendum scheduled for November 19th, the people of Milford will consider no less than a transformation of our community with the possible introduction of a destination resort casino.

We believe that a mega-sized gambling complex has no place in a residential area and would forever alter the character of Milford and the quality of life for our children.

Images PO Box 666 Thompson, CT 06241-0666 (203) 779-9708 Peer support group and counseling for TGs.

Info Voice Fax PO Box 162 Haddam, CT 06428-0162 Information & outreach for TGs seeking support.

The search functionality includes gender, age, distance from you, body type and ethnicity.



Your passion for our community is what unites us and will help us keep Milford casino free.

John Seaver An Open Letter to Fellow Milford Residents Milford has a long rich history steeped in pride and tradition.


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