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Soon the limb swelled, and the foul-smelling flesh grew black. Handicapped by the lack of medical knowledge at the time, the doctors were baffled and lost hope.But one brave physician cut away the blackened tissue and hoped for the best. The next year, 1272, a truce was arranged between Baybars and the Crusaders, enabling Edward to go home at last.Like most of his Plantagenet dynasty, Edward had a volcanic temper that sometimes erupted into murderous rages.Generally, though, he was too intelligent to let his anger get the better of him.One Welsh ruler, Llewellyn-ap-Graffyd, declared himself prince of Wales and set about expanding his domain at the expense of the Marcher lords.


Politically, Wales was a confusing mosaic of divided loyalties.Intoxicated by the chase, he began a single-minded pursuit of his fleeing quarry that took him miles from the battlefield.


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