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“Pilate, then, looked at Jesus and, behold, he became incorporeal: He did not see him for a long time …” Judas’ kiss is the means by which the solders can identify Jesus, the text states.

“Then the Jews said to Judas: How shall we arrest him [Jesus], for he does not have a single shape but his appearance changes.

Niringiye wrote: “I have since reported twice to the Police in keeping with what I was required to do. I guess the file is still with the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions).

I am aware that I could be taken to court and charged with the crime of ‘inciting violence’; or asked to report again; or, released with the case dismissed on the advice of the DPP. These are just efforts of a regime in survival mode…worried of any dissent.

A newly translated Egyptian homily dating from the eighth century claims Jesus was a shape shifter. Roelof van den Broek of Utrecht University in his book “Pseudo-Cyril of Jerusalem on the Life and the Passion of Christ” (Brill, 2013) reports the newly translated sermon found in manuscripts held at the Morgan Library in New York and the University of Pennsylvania add an apocryphal incident to the passion narrative.

It relates the story of Pontius Pilate dinning with Jesus before his crucifixion and offering to sacrifice his own son in the place of Jesus.


“It is high time we hit back.” Bishop Michael Hafidh and Catholic Bishop Augustine Shao condemned the leaflets and their content, and urged Christians not to return evil for evil.Note: This article has been corrected following its first publication to state the attack was on the home of Archbishop Mokiwa, not Bishop Hafidh.Three complaints have been lodged with the Anglican Church of Tanzania (KAT) by members of the church’s general synod alleging misconduct and fraud in the conduct of last month’s election of an archbishop.The Bishop of Dar es Salaam’s home has come under assault, church leaders report.


Bishop Bill Atwood writes: “On on Sunday morning, an armed gang attacked Archbishop Valentino [Mokiwa]’s home.

The homily also states that Judas used a kiss to identify and betray Jesus because Jesus had the ability to change shape.


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