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, the person feeling a bit trapped in what might seem a pretty nice life — while also fretting about how much (or how little) sex the rest of it will contain — is fiftysomething Yvonne Carmichael: wife, mother and all-round radiator of female competence.In BBC1’s adaptation of (Sunday), Yvonne was first heard giving us a brief meditation on the provisional nature of civilised behaviour — a voiceover, it turned out, being delivered as she travelled in the back of a prison van.It may sound like a lot but you already have a raven feather from the nest with Johnny, and both the woman's remains and the horse is easy to find.Just leave the cave and follow your marker to find the woman's remains.We also got to see the house rota, complete with the TV programmes Bala permitted his disciples to watch. It involves an evil spirit inside a tree (which might not be so evil after all depending on your point of view). You may either trust the spirit and free it or kill it.He did so with the aid of an invisible mind-control machine called Jackie, which, he claimed, also caused all of the natural disasters that happened anywhere on Earth.Meanwhile, in a genuine coup, Engle spoke to two of the three women who stayed with Bala to the end, before he was arrested and later sentenced to 23 years for enslavement, violence and sexual abuse.


If you choose to free it, two possible scenarios will play out.As a dutiful reviewer, I always note down anything in a programme that’s particularly interesting or extraordinary.


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    Daniel Stern, Richard Jenkins, Fred Melamed, Lewis Black, Joanna Gleason, John Turturro, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus all have minor roles, while Tony Roberts and Sam Waterston make uncredited cameo appearances.

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