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There’s always this lingering feeling that there’s more to it.

When it came to him being punished for skipping practice it was hard to feel bad for him in that moment…I mean he did blatantly lie after all.

At school KC meets with Jenna to tell her that he’s moving to Vancouver.

His dad has to stay in Toronto because of his probation, and KC says the move is to protect himself and his mom from Kevin.

With Cam unable to play hockey for weeks we may see him level out, but as Maya mentioned he will have to return to hockey eventually.

When Eli was struggling with his issues during various parts of Seasons 10 and 11 his emotions were like a bomb, they’d go off and would affect everyone close to him.

Dallas and Luke find out Cam lied about being sick after someone posted a video of Cam singing karaoke, and they make him do sprints on the ice until he’s exhausted.

Dallas reminds Cam that he can’t bail on the team and that they’re all he has…alone in the locker room Cam tosses his skate, and realizes that he cut his hand doing so.


He finds out that he’s going to be out of hockey for six to eight weeks, and when Maya gets suspicious he denies hurting himself on purpose.Dylan Everett does a phenomenal job of portraying someone who feels trapped and confused in the raging sea of his own emotions.



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