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And the recent controversy with Apple refusing to give comply to the FBI’s demand to access the data, of one particular IPhone, just shows that you can be worried free with your privacy. With the outdated text interface and the even more outdated video-chat, or the lack of one.

And if you are in the United States you will have to fish your friends into getting the app.

With close to one billion users and between 300-500 million active users Whatsapp is a giant!

Since its debut in 2010, Whatsapp has seen an average growth of 50% a year.

It is a bit outdated with a very plain looking UI ,which is simple obviously exactly what they are going for but it looks outdated.

Well according to the spoiled American eye, who is use to Apple or Google like interfaces, and who only go for futuristic and minimalist designs.

Whatsapp has effected the mobile messaging industry with its constant growth and their newest feature encryption.


Among other things, the Icloud also brings about better encryption for your calls.

Unlike most communication apps you don’t need to have an account to use the service.


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    Elles n’attendent qu’une chose : trouver un mec intéressant et présentable pour lui donner son numéro et se revoir plus tard.

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