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Such circumstances include terminal or catastrophic illness, the need for long-term care or confinement to a nursing home.Availability and specifics of these riders vary by carrier and state.Buy-Sell Agreement: An agreement among owners in a business which states the under certain conditions, i.e., disability or death, the person leaving the business or in case of death, his heirs are legally obligated to sell their interest to the remaining owners, and the remaining owners are legally obligated to buy at a price fixed in the Buy-Sell agreement.The funding vehicles are either disability or life insurance or both.Credit Insurance: Insurance on a debtor in favor of a creditor to pay off the balance due on a loan in the event of the death of the debtor.Cross Purchase (Buy-Sell): A form of business life insurance in which each party purchases life insurance on each other.Collateral Assignment: Assign all or part of a life insurance policy as security for a loan.

These life insurance FAQ’s will give you real knowledge about how life insurance works.This coverage usually has a limit until the policy is delivered and all delivery requirements are met.A life and health insurance policy without a conditional receipt is not effective or available until it is delivered to the insured and the premium is paid and all other conditions are met.Almost never sold any more because level term insurance is so much less expensive.

Delivery: The actual placing of a life insurance policy in the hands of an insured.

Some State laws often limit to six months but it varies by insurance carrier as well. Proceeds are paid to whomever is named as beneficiary, no matter what your Will or estate plan might say.


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