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It’s been slow going to get it out though, and only now are we seeing any significant supply hit shelves.If you can find it, it’s the best Bulleit product on the market, with tasty toffee notes and even more oak.And experiment they have: distilleries are putting out new products so fast that it can be hard to keep track.

The collectors will be fighting you over it, but it’s worth taking a few punches for.

“Tommy’s Batch” is particularly dark and nutty, with caramel and roasted vanilla notes.

Bulleit has quickly become one of America’s favorite bourbons, so when they announced a cask strength offering last year we got excited.

They recreated that recipe for a special release, so that us modern drinkers feeling under the weather have a great medicine to sip on. High West won Distillery of the Year from a prestigious whiskey magazine this year, but it’s this juice, which they source from other distilleries, that is really the best thing they make.


It’s a complex, spicy, sweet bourbon that just we can’t get enough of. Four Roses is what it is today in no small part because of the work of Al Young, and they’ve decided to honor him with a retro bottle containing a blend of bourbons up to 23 years of age. Bourye is a blend of bourbon and rye aged 10-14 years.Maker’s Mark has really jumped into the innovation pool in recent years.


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