Amherst dating service accommodating colorblind computer users

The Massachusetts school Monday announced that its athletic teams will be known as the Mammoths (whose remains are seen above at Amherst’s Beneski Museum of Natural History) Last year, school trustees decided the school's unofficial nickname, Lord Jeffs, was inappropriate in part because the 18th century British General Jeffery Amherst suggested giving smallpox-infected blankets to Native Americans (as seen in the illustration above)'Hundreds of people have voiced their opinions in an online forum hosted by the College; any reader will safely draw the conclusion that neither the “pro” nor the “anti” side is going to convert the other.' 'So Amherst College finds itself in a position where a mascot - which, when you think about it, has only one real job, which is to unify - is driving people apart because of what it symbolizes to many in our community.'He said the college 'has no business interfering with free expression, whether spoken or written or, for that matter, sung' - referencing a popular school song used at sports matches - adding that authorities will not be regulating these.The demands to remove Lord Jeff come amidst a wave of protests on college campuses across America, most notably at the University of Missouri and at Yale, demanding a more inclusive environment for students from minority backgrounds. Eisgruber was forced into advocating for the removal of alumi Woodrow Wilson's name from campus after activists from the Black Justice League camped out in his office.Having learned of a smallpox outbreak at Fort Pitt in July, 1963, Lord Amherst wrote to Bouquet, saying: 'Could it not be contrived to send the small pox among the disaffected tribes of Indians?

It was named for County Antrim in Ireland, which was the native home of the land’s owner, Philip Riley.

In 1748, the town was named for Wills Hill, Earl of Hillsborough, (as was Hillsborough County), created in 1769 by Governor John Wentworth. Hillsborough is the birthplace of Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States, the only President from NH.

This town is sometimes spelled "Hillsboro" in records.

First a part of Dunstable, then settled as West Hollis, the town was granted in 1769 as Raby.

Governor John Wentworth named the town in honor of his cousin, fourth Earl of Strafford and Baron of Raby Castle, in County Durham, England.Hancock started as an unidentified settlement on the Contoocook River, in lands known as "Society Land" or Cumberland, which had been reserved for the proprietors of the lands which became New Hampshire.


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