Aspxgridview rowupdating newvalues empty

Add To Refered Table(obj BORefered Table, ddl_Table Name.

Find Control("chk Is Active"), Check Box) obj BORefered Table = BO. Added By = CType(Session("User Profile"), BOUser Profile).

When I click edit on the grid and change the value of the textbox and click update the label will just display the original value of the textbox.

I am suppose to take the new values on row Updating command and fire it to database. I wrote an another page with little functionality, and it is working fine. Manager Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

EDIT: Markup: Where "Bind Grid" above is whatever process / method / code you use to bind data to your aspx Grid View. "Shale Play" is not the name of the field in the datasource that's populating your Grid View.

Hi All, I have a problem on how to extract old values from Gridview1_Row Updating(...) events.

Count = 0 Then Dim Blank Row As Data Row Blank Row = dt.

Add(Blank Row) End If If dt Is Not Nothing Then dgv_Ref Tables. Data Bind() End If End Sub Private Sub Fill Tables In Drop Down() Dim Ctrl As New Controller.


BORefered Table Dim Obj Controller Release As Controller. Is Post Back = False Then Try Fill Tables In Drop Down() Bind Data() 'ddl_Table Name. However, my problem occurs when I click on the Edit button (provided by the control itself under a Command Column).


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