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But he admitted being envious of the vastly-superior team spirit at Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs.

The Arsenal man said when he looked around at his hugely-talented team-mates, he wondered which of them might turn up for any given match.

Both are infinitely better than anything you’ll receive for ten times the price in executive boxes.

And if you steer clear of those places you won’t have to make small-talk with the kind of people who say ‘footie’ and ‘the Prem’ either.

AFTER Eddie Jones was caught by a lip reader exclaiming, ‘F***, how f***ing stupid are we?

This system is used by people on the internet who are convinced football’s actual scoring system isn’t complex enough.

Yet even this was completely made up (Wenger has a tendency for stating stats in a convincing manner, only for them to be disproved by a basic Google search once he’s left the room).

The worry for Spurs is the possibility of their bitter rivals appointing a modern manager in touch with reality.


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