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He has been depicted and remembered in monuments, public works, currency, and other dedications to the present day.

George Washington was the first child of Augustine Washington and his second wife Mary Ball Washington, born on their Pope's Creek Estate near Colonial Beach in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

The death of his father prevented Washington from an education at England's Appleby School such as his older brothers had received.

He achieved the equivalent of an elementary school education from a variety of tutors, as well as from a school run by an Anglican clergyman in or near Fredericksburg.

In that command, Washington forced the British out of Boston in 1776 but was defeated and nearly captured later that year when he lost New York City.

Washington was born into the provincial gentry of Colonial Virginia to a family of wealthy planters who owned tobacco plantations and slaves, which he inherited.

In avoiding war with Great Britain, he guaranteed a decade of peace and profitable trade by securing the Jay Treaty in 1795, despite intense opposition from the Jeffersonians.


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