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Once larval metamorphose into young of the year (YOY) and juveniles, they actively feed on the substrate, dominantly (Corophium) spp., relying on water currents to carry them downriver to areas of suitable food. could play a key role in the survival of larval and YOY White Sturgeon in the Columbia River and could possibly explain the apparent poor survival of larvae and YOY in some Snake and Columbia River reservoirs that apparently have successful spawning but poor recruitment.

They primarily live in estuaries of large rivers, but migrate to spawn in freshwater, and travel long distances between river systems.With increasing dietary lipid levels, whole body and muscle lipid content increases, as well as increased plasma triglycerides and cholesterol content.This shows that larval sturgeon post-hatch grow faster on high lipid diets, reducing glycogen stores but increasing stores of lipid in the liver.There is a lot of uncertainty around reproduction timing of events in White Sturgeon, with many papers reporting differing results dependent on the river system observed.

Chapman, Van Enennaam and Doroshov witnessed sexually mature females 950 mm (3.12 ft) FL in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River system estimated around 9 years old by using the Von Bertalannfy growth function, while the youngest sexual mature was a male 750 mm (2.46 ft) FL estimated to be six years old.

assumes a closed homogenous population, acoustic tags and mark-recapture data shows that they are sedentary during the winter months and mobile in the spring and fall, with data indicating that they leave the Fraser River and enter the Strait of Georgia during their mobile periods; this conclusion has been validated by microchemical evidence of marine exposure in Fraser River White sturgeon fin rays.


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