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The On Board controls give me the flexibility to generate just the right amount of fill light when and where needed.You just have to keep in mind that it is a portable lighting kit and it is fragile or you will have to replace/repair Heads!Impact really needs to include a guide for this in the kit. They're not overly powerful but coming from a hot-shoe strobist background I find these are more than enough.Bottom line: Get these if you want to upgrade from shoe strobes.I love that it comes with the softboxes and umbrellas for the variety!it's a great set and I can't wait to take it out to weddings too! I do a lot of on location shoots and I dont always need a huge amount of light to get The Shot!Lighting was incredibly even, consistent and perfectly exposed from shot to shot. the instructions are the worse, but you easily figure it out. I have been using this kit to learn portrait lighting in a small household room/studio. Granted the instructions are awful, but I was able to set it all up pretty quick. They do beep, but I honestly don't notice it too much.For the price, actually, for any price, these are amazing units. They are not as powerful as others, but if they are used for individual portrait lighting they are an excellent starter set Some argue that you should buy a more expensive set since they will last forever, but at this price, for the non-professional, I think they are a great deal. I normally shoot outdoors in natural light but wanted to get some extra lights (my speedlite doesn't do it for me)for work at client houses. Came with instructions to put the soft boxes together.


The stand has sure-twist section locks and 4 sections and will support up to 8 lb.

You can even use the WU-1a to trigger the camera's shutter release using your smartphone or tablet, with a range of approximately 33 to 49' (10 to 15 m)--so including yourself in group shots with your friends is even easier.


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